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Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-N.C.), who has been under pressure to from Trump and his defenders to wrap up the body’s investigation, has been releasing findings piecemeal.Senate aides privately say the rolling releases reflect Burr’s attempt to conclude less controversial matters quickly, while avoiding conflict with Trump and his backers.The panel previously issued election security recommendations, and separately announced that it concurs with the Intelligence Community finding that Russia tried to help Trump.

But the toughest challenge yet may lie when the committee releases its findings on alleged coordination between the Trump campaign and Russia. The panel has not set a date for that release, which unlike today’s report, is likely to divide Democratic and Republican senators

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Contributed by: Daniel Friedman, Mother Jones
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The Mother Jones community is amazing : You stepped up and we hit our stretch fundraising goal of $350,000 so we can bring on a full-time reporter and a data scientist to combat disinformation .

The Mother Jones community is amazing

It's incredibly inspiring to have such committed, generous readers. For 41 years now, support from readers has allowed Mother Jones to charge hard after the stories that need to be told —and we're grateful that you just helped us build an entire new beat that we couldn't have invested in otherwise. Thank you!

For 41 years now, support from readers has allowed Mother Jones to charge hard after the stories that need to be told

Now it's time to get to work. We'll keep you updated as we go, and here are some ways to get involved in our coverage.

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Dan Friedman is a reporter in ' DC bureau. Reach him at .

Senate Republicans, Acknowledging the Obvious,

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Brandon E. Patterson

“I was making about $10.25 an hour. So we could do the math, let’s see, maybe $28,000 a year? Oof, not even. It’s about 22,000, 23,000 a year,” he said.

When college students graduate into a recession , several studies suggest the damage can be lasting. Young recession graduates tend to Novica Multigemstone beaded stretch bracelet Circus of Colors TdAtE7yi
than nonrecession graduates, and their salaries don’t catch up for 10 or 20 years . How long the gap lasts depends on the study and the duration of the recession.

Some young professionals never catch up.

“We certainly find a significant fraction of graduates that are permanently affected,” said Philip Oreopoulos, an economist at the University of Toronto who has published on this topic. “And even for those who are not, they do come off quite worse off over the lifetime.”

As far as earnings over a lifetime, studies find recession graduates can make $60,000 to $100,000 less than their luckier peers.

Oreopoulos found in his study that young recession graduates tend to start out in low-paying first jobs at smaller firms.

“Not only did they end up with lower wages,” he said, “but they ended up in firms that tended to be smaller and tended to pay less.”

Arkansas is one of the poorest states, where the median household income was $44,334, based on 2016 census data. During the Great Recession, its job market bounced back more slowly than the rest of the country.

Still, Luis Calderon tried to move up at the bank where he worked. He applied to be a loan officer and approached a bank vice president.

“He said, ‘Well, Luis, the people in our area are used to seeing a certain kind of individual. And I don’t know that you fit that mold,’” Calderon said. Quickly, he realized what the vice president meant. “He said, ‘Maybe in a couple years when the Hispanic market is a little bigger, I can help you.’ So that’s when it clicked. I said ‘Aha!’”

Three weeks later, Calderon quit and got a job in the customer service department of the Little Rock office of Blue Cross Blue Shield. His paycheck went down. Still, Calderon has stayed with the health insurance company for nine years. He’s married, has a young daughter and owns a home.

To make all this happen, Calderon borrowed over the years, paying off his credit cards by raiding his retirement plan. For him, that’s the price of graduating into a recession that in the end caused the economy to shed 8.7 million jobs. Still, he maintains a certain perspective on this reality.

“I’m way, way better than the way my parents ever were,” Calderon said. “And not being happy about where I’m at, not being happy to enjoy the blessings I have would be a disservice to the sacrifices that both of our parents have made.”

Today, he’s a supervisor at work and has received a number of raises over the years. But Calderon remains far short of his ideal starting salary from a decade ago.

This story is part of Fine Jewelry 14K Yellow Gold 18mm Hollow Rope Chain Necklace Ut3ujE4
, a yearlong series examining how the financial crisis changed America.

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Sinclair Community College 444 West Third Street Dayton, Ohio 45402

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Sinclair is a tobacco-free campus .